Humaidah Hayih, Thailand

Humaidah Hayih - 1-D-C

I would like to share my experience in AIU, in order to adapt with the new environment. First thing first, how I prepare myself to new culture? The solution is tried to think like university students whereby we must be matured in thinking and behavior. We should mix with all students fairly. To learn the style of life and understanding AIU, Kedah and Malaysia, I learn to accept the differences between Thailand and here. AIU is a very large university for me, so I used to explore around campus to be familiar with the surrounding and the university.

Other than that, I always mingle around with local and international students, asking question to them and get to know their culture and diversity. I use English more than other language in order to improve my communication skills. Actually campus life is fun. We are the one who make it! Such as, join club and organization, for example AIU Soccer Team Fan Club and Peer Buddies. Get involved with opportunities on campus if I have free time. It has so many benefits for us as we can get to know each other well and at the same time we can explore the area.

Since I came here, I don’t face too much problem either the weather or food because it just the same. But still in Thailand, I get used to eat spicy food but in Malaysia, rarely I can eat like that. I have managed my time effectively in order to achieve my goals. Don’t follow others, but believe in our self, be independent but at the same time we should be socialized with university mate. Always communicate with lecturers, especially when I don’t understand about the subject.

Try to accept other’s opinion and weaknesses in order to accomplish our group assignment because when we enter a university level, we can’t avoid working in group. We study in the same university, so we are a family. We are like brothers and sisters. Get along with others without thinking about religion, country and so on.      Try to face to face with roommate when we have a problem or misunderstanding. Don’t keep it in our heart. We stay in HUMANiversity, so it is part of our life styles to get involve in service programme, for example, in hostel cleaning. That all from me thanks you.