Counselling Support Services

What we do?

The Counselling and Guidance Service aims to promote intellectual, emotional and career development by empowering and equipping students through our counselling services.

Our Activities

Individual Counselling

We provide you with caring and confidential counselling for:

  • Personal or academic issues
  • Family relationships
  • Emotional and interpersonal issues
  • Adjustment to university life
  • Choice of fields of study
  • Confidence and self-esteem issues

Group Counselling 

In addition to individual counselling, we also offer group counselling which involves a small group of students who share similar concerns or problems. Through discussion and mutual support, the group members come to recognise, understand and overcome their difficulties.

Talks, Seminars and Workshops:-

  • Campus Adjustment Talk
  • Campus Adjustment Talk serves as a primary support for AIU freshmen during their transition period at the commencement of their life in AIU.

  • Career Guidance Workshop
  • This workshop is typically provided for students who are uncertian or indecisive in their choice of field of study or career. The workshop helps them discover their interest, ability and personality in order to determine the field best suited to their personality.

  • Learning Skills Workshops
  • Learning is a change in a person that comes about as a result of experience. Learning takes place constantly. Learning Skills Workshops aim to expose the knowledge of human learning patterns and behaviours and equip students to acquire new learning habits.

  • Breathing Relaxation Workshop
  • Students will be taught a respiratory technique to help them to breathe more efficiently in order to generate a soothing, relaxing and calming effect. This technique is often associated with muscle relaxation, imagery, yoga practice and meditation.

  • EQ Workshop
    The EQ Workshop is conducted by using the LEONARD Personality Inventory to profile a students personality with the aim to help them to understand their own behaviour as well as that of others, and foster a better teamwork with others.

  • Peer Mentoring Programme
  • The Peer Mentoring Programme is a ‘friends making friends’ programme, which offers a connecting bridge between seniors and university freshmen. Seniors are to provide guidance and their valuable experiences to assist those adapting to campus life for the first time.

  • Peer Helping Programme
  • The Peer Helping Programme has been designed to provide students with basic counselling skills. The purpose is to equip and empower AIU students, to provide a listening ear and care for other fellow students and the community, through mutual-help relationships.

What is a counsellor?

A counsellor is trained in counselling skills and abides by the ethics of the counselling profession.

Counselling Service

We provide caring and confidential counselling on a one-to-one basis. Students with career, academic and personal issues are welcome to walk-in or make an appointment to see our counsellors.