The Smart Library System is designed to motivate students to utilize the library in such a way that it is a valuable learning resource and “open all hours.” In addition mobile apps will be available to make information for students, teachers and management easy to access. By using a single sign-on system, students and staff will be able to log into any system using only a single username and password credentials.

AiU will have a ‘one card’ system that will function for access, cashless transaction, library facilities, attendance, etc. AiU provides a facility-wide audio & visual broadcasting system to make audio announcements throughout the facility and selected areas and to broadcast information to the users.

AiU’s smart campus will provide surveillance tool for the security of the facility that will allow centralized monitoring and site monitoring thus guaranteeing safety and security for all students and other stakeholders of the campus. This way access for the users will be controlled so as to improve the level of security.