University Ecosystem

The Albukhary Mosque

The Albukhary Mosque is a prominent Alor Setar landmark with a capacity of 10,000 worshippers.

The Dialysis Centre

The Dialysis Centre is funded by the Albukhary Foundation as an entirely free service and has 18 dialysis machines and a treatment room.

Singgahan – the residences

This three-storey building next to the Dialysis Centre offers accommodation to suit different budgets, including accommodation equivalent to a three-storey hotel.

Albukhary Orphanage

The Orphanage presently houses around 41 children between the ages of 9 and 17 years. The orphans attend the regular national schools and share the university facilities for studies and recreation.

The Souq (shopping mall)

This three-storey, air-conditioned mall is linked to a non-air-conditioned bazaar and has a Giant Hypermarket as its anchor tenant.

Centre for Differently Abled Children

This building has been completed for immediate operation. It will also operate as an intervention and training centre.


From the inception of AiU the emphasis has always been on the students’ interaction and involvement with the community and their central role in uplifting the socio-economic standard of the community. The Student Affairs Department plans to offer many opportunities for the students to enrich their lives through Social Business activities; volunteering for ‘Teach for Malaysia,’ and taking part in sports and recreation as well as club activities. The students will be provided with opportunities to be involved in Student Exchange Programmes, both nationally and internationally.

All students at AiU will be encouraged to be involved with community immersion programmes that are in line with the vision, mission and philosophy of AiU.

The community engagement programme, social business programme, volunteerism programme and involvement in clubs and societies will be available throughout the academic year. External community service programmes will also be made available through the undergraduate programmes.