AiU Student Service Programmes

” Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand ”
(Confucius, 450’BC’).

Around the world and through the years, terms such as service learning, volunteering, practicum, internship, social service, community engagement, community service and the scholarship of engagement have been used interchangeably.

Amongst others, the benefits of service include various personal, social and learning outcomes, e.g. self-esteem, personal worth, competence and confidence, self-understanding, motivation, sense of usefulness, doing something worthwhile, ability to make a difference, openness to new experiences, ability to take responsibility, reduce stereotypes, acknowledge and accept consequences of actions, reflecting on own altruistic values and attitudes, developing a range of social skills, e.g. listening, communicating, team-work, problem-solving, etc.

AiU’s vision, mission and core values emphasizes humanitarian values, being caring and giving individuals, having a passion for service, and making a meaningful contribution to society.

Therefore service is a central and defining characteristic of AiU and appropriate policies, programmes and procedures needs to be set in place to ensure that it does not become mere rhetoric and lip-service. Hiring, tenure and promotion staff should also be measured against this principle; the organisational structure should be flexible and supportive, also financially, to this undertaking with widespread faculty and student involvement and participation, and service components been fully integrated into the curriculum (e.g. weekly time/class slots) and ensuring ongoing research.

AiU Service areas will include:

  • Cleaning of hostels, student centre, cafeteria / kitchen-dining area/s, multi purpose halls on rotation/team basis. 1 hour per day/every day /7 hours per week.
  • Gardening /horti/perma-culture group will assist with landscaping, cleaning and maintaining gardens and premises. 1-5 hours per week.
  • Leadership /initiatives/projects in AIU student clubs, societies, peer buddies/helpers, Orphanage and community outreach. 1-5 hours per week.
  • Portfolio compilation and submission by including annex’s/forms 1-10 e.g. log/time sheets, diary/journal completion and update. 1hour per week.

Therefore totalling to 14 hours per week required (together activity 2 & 3 need to amount to 6 hours in total per week).

Furthermore, as a monthly AiU stipend/allowance/pocket money will be provided to students for such service involvement, it needs appropriate monitoring, assessment and evaluation.

Hence, in order to obtain the required credits for the service programme, students need to submit and present their individual service portfolio(log/time sheets, self-reflection journal/diary, also indicating what s/he leaned, how they dealt with challenges e.g. teamwork dynamics, problem-solving, handling conflict, time management etc.) against feedback/complaints from AiU staff and a final 5 minutes presentation (to fellow students and staff), before they can finally complete their overall course (graduate).

Finally: If the student do not participate in the service activities, do not submit a portfolio and do not make a presentation, (1) the monthly stipend/allowance/pocket money will be withheld, (2) the student may not proceed to the next level/year, and if there is no corrective action /improvement, (3) the student’s registration status will be terminated and (4) be send back home.