AIU Centre of Excellence in Socio-economic Development and Innovation (ACE-SEDI) Fellowship Scheme

1. The Scheme

The scheme is called the ACE-SEDI Fellowship

2. Objectives

2.1 To enhance the university’s achievement in socio-economic development
2.2 To increase the university’s visibility in research activity of social business
2.3 To inculcate and nurture the research culture in university

3. Qualifications/Requirement

3.1 Open to all
3.2 Knowledgeable and experienced in areas listed in Section 4

4. Prioritize Field of Experts

4.1 Sustainable Socio-economic Development
4.2 Innovative Technology
4.3 Education
4.4 Humanities
4.5 Equitable Society
4.6 Information Technology
4.7 Media and Communication

5. Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Fellow are as follows:
5.1 Assist the ACE-SEDI in establishing research networks or linkages with external parties
5.2 Involve in knowledge sharing session with university staff and students, industries and communities
5.3 Participate in research works which have been identified or existing projects under ACE-SEDI
5.4 Affiliate with AIU in any paper publications based on the identified research activities
5.5 Co - supervise postgraduate students

6. Condition(s) and Duration of Appointment

6.1 Duration of appointment is Two (2) years and can be extended (subject to the performance) and recommendation by the Director of ACE-SEDI
6.2 No allowance throughout the fellowship
6.3 Permitted to use the facilities in the university for research related works and/or activities
6.4 Entitled to apply for university research grant in collaboration with AIU academic staff (joint researcher)

7. Application

7.1 The application is open throughout the year

Submit for application here